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We use our industry expertise in building code compliance, zoning laws, and commercial property inspection to expedite your project.

We are constantly driving forward to help you navigate any potential challenges

We are in a time of market transformation, with new technologies and hybrid work impacting the built environment. Not surprising, the regulatory framework is evolving, too. Rizzo Group bridges the gap between the dynamic workplace, built environment, and the codes. Whether it’s public assemblies for amenity spaces, battery storage for peak load shedding, or quick permits on online platforms, our team is experienced to manage this exciting but challenging market transformation.

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Expertise in complex building code sections

We work with the design team from the schematic design phase. We are proficient in the IBC and the local tweaks to national building codes and regulations. Mies Van De Rohe claimed that “God is in the details”. He may not have been talking about code, but yes, we agree that the solution and truth is often in the code details and grey areas. Our team strives to achieve client goals with a clarity that comes from experience.

Smooth processes

The design and construction process plows full steam ahead while the regulatory framework can be time consuming and unpredictable. We navigate these two often-conflicting time schedules, and bridge the gap with our Codify tool and best-in-class project management software and systems.

Full transparency

With all of the moving parts and changing regulations, it can be difficult for clients to track the progress of their project on their own. That’s why we practice the 3 Cs: communicate, communicate, and over communicate so you have all the details.

Access to experts

We are always available to engage with our client and project team. At Rizzo Group, senior team members with decades of experience in building compliance handle your account.

Engaged team members

Our team genuinely loves what they do — and this makes a major difference in the service and results our clients achieve. Our team has niche expertise in building codes, zoning, workplace compliance, and safety, and we’re constantly learning more about our trade.

Driving results

Instead of letting a permit sit waiting for approval, we’re constantly driving forward to achieve results. We understand the DOB’s processes so that we can work within their system to achieve your goals.

Code Compliance

Code compliance is the basecamp of any project — you must start here if you want to move forward. Through a team of trained professionals, we provide consulting and research services based on national and local building codes. This includes typical design strategies and solutions involving egress, mechanical systems, fire protection services, and ADA compliance accessibility.

By participating in the early phases of design and reviewing drawing sets before city agency review, we ensure any non-compliance is identified and resolved right away. This minimizes objections by the city and reduces the duration of their review.

ADA Compliance Standards

Our accessibility consultants ensure your building meets all ADA compliance standards, including local handicap codes and rules relating to compliance with the federal guidelines.

Building code violations

Our experts avoid any surprises or change orders in the field by ensuring there are no building code violations.


  • Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC)
  • NYC building code means of egress
  • Building code changes
  • Building code ventilation requirements
  • Environmental compliance
  • Fire protection services

Zoning Compliance

Zoning refers to how your building impacts the community and your surroundings. We ensure your site development, zoning changes, special permits, variances, and landmark proceedings are in good hands. Our team provides a review of zoning compliance for Changes of Use, Major Alterations, and New Buildings.

In many cases, our work includes reviewing and researching the existing conditions of a property to determine the feasibility of potential new uses, alterations, or upgrades to an existing structure. In others, we ensure the proposed building signage or advertising installation comply with the regulations of the building’s zoning district. Our team of experts are experienced in zoning compliance, ensuring you don’t face any hurdles with zoning and land use approvals.

Change of use planning

We manage any zoning changes during the change of use planning to minimize the impact on your surroundings, and obtain a certificate of occupancy.

Floor area ratio and Zoning (FAR)

In real estate, the end product is space. Oftentimes, the amount of space a building can contain is governed by zoning rules relating to the allowable “bulk” of a building. In places like New York City, a Floor Area Ratio is a multiplier of lot size that is allocated to every zoning district in the city. This multiplier directly relates to how much space a building contains. Rizzo Group’s expertise is in maximizing floor area in new and existing buildings throughout the country.

Zoning variance

Our team oversees zoning requirements and permits, including managing zoning restrictions, for your project.

Additional zoning compliance services include:

  • Density zoning
  • Zoning changes

Securing project approval from the municipality

Before your project can begin, you must have approved building permits from many areas of the municipality, which include the Department of Buildings, the Department of Transportation, Fire Department, and more.

During our review for code and zoning compliance, we develop a filing strategy to get the necessary work permits to ensure administrative approval in construction. This strategy not only meets all agency requirements, but also considers the client’s schedule. We coordinate the applications to ensure a complete package is filed with the city. We work with the design team and City Examiner to resolve any objections or other open items to achieve the required permits. Our clients have peace of mind during this complex process.

Inspecting projects

After the project is approved by the municipality and construction begins, the building must be inspected to ensure it is consistent with the approved plans. In the case of most Major Alterations or New Buildings, getting DOB permits and fire department construction permits and the sign-off process needed to occupy the space is a job unto itself.

We coordinate with clients, contractors, and consultants to ensure the job is completed on schedule. This includes project management with the team to identify common objections issued by the DOB or the Fire Department when seeking a new or amended certificate of occupancy. Once the project reaches completion, we request and accompany the municipal inspector on inspections needed for occupancy.

Certificate of occupancy

Through it all, we are focused on the goal of giving you an approved, inspected, and occupiable workspace with a certificate of occupancy.

Pushing the regulatory environment

The world is changing rapidly around us, which means that municipal regulations need to change and standardize in order to meet the dynamic landscape we live in. We bridge the gap between the needs of today’s workspaces and the municipal regulations, such as with regard to battery storage for commercial buildings and building permit variance.

We innovate to find creative resolutions that enable our clients to create safe, inspiring, and leading-edge places of work, while still meeting all compliance requirements from the city.

Build your space with ease and freedom with Rizzo Group on your team